MCFX MultiCharts

  1. Currensys indicators are embedded in BOTH MultiCharts and MCFX, MultiCharts being there flagship product that has been upgraded several times since the last update to MCFX and that allows traders to trade multiple asset classes while MCFX is strictly a Forex product.
  2. MCFX comes with Forex data, both tick-by-tick real-time and up to 9 years history for the 30 most actively traded currency pairs. No other data source other than what they provide can be used in MCFX.
  3. MultiCharts supports over 20 different data providers, including the free end-of-day services, the major pay services, and some from brokers that provide the data to their customers for free. We also now offer our Forex data feed to MultiCharts users on a separate subscription basis.
  4. MCFX is “free” to FXCM customers who meet certain requirements. (Please ask for more information about this option)
  5. MCFX can only auto trade with FXCM. (Ask for more details about this option)
  6. MultiCharts supports trading with over 10 different brokers and via three infrastructure networks making it possible to get data from and execute trades with hundreds of brokers.
  7. MultiCharts has extended the platform technology in a way that substantially distinguishes it from other platforms. We believe that MultiCharts contains features which we feel elevates them to a different level. Please consider the impact of multithreading, being able to display up to 50 different data streams (with different data sources, symbols, and/or resolutions) on a single chart, more realistic backtesting, and the possibility of true, dynamic Portfolio Backtesting.
  8. MultiCharts uses their own programming language called “Power Language,” which is an evolution of EasyLanguage.
  9. MultiCharts, offer several different purchase options starting at $99.00 per month, including a Lifetime License purchase option.
  10. MCFX is purchased on a monthly subscription basis: MCFX Pro is available for $199 per month. MCFX Basic is available for $99 per month.
  11. There is a demo of MCFX, which has no time limit, but has restricted functionality, and there is a 30 day free trial of MultiCharts, which is fully functional. With this free trial, we will offer a demo of our Currensys system for 7 days.
  12. MultiCharts 7 is now the officially released version of MultiCharts. It has both manual and automated trading, an industry-leading data management system regardless of data source timestamps making charting and backtesting much more accurate than many competitors’ products, and a symbol-mapping translation system.

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