Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent Asked Questions

What platforms do you support?
We can support TradeStation, NinjaTrader, eSignal and MCFX. Please see the platforms page for detailed information and contact details.

Why don’t you support MetaTrader?
We initially looked at MetaTrader as a possible platform. We found it that it couldn’t support all of the calculations that we need to perform in order to generate signals. The code is difficult to protect and there are a minority of MetaTrader users who take great pleasure in cracking and sharing copyrighted systems. Additionally, MetaTrader forces users to use a specific broker whose prices vary widely. This would cause users to get different signals based on their inconsistent data feeds.

Can we see test results?
Of course you can. Please send an email to and we’ll send you a system overview as well as some recent weekly PDF reports. Please understand that this system is mechanical but not automated and as such, we cannot click a button and produce an equity curve for every possible scenario. There are 30 currencies, 4 time frames, and 3 systems. That’s 360 equity curves and we don’t have all of those. We have picked some of the more difficult pairs and time frames and we use those as a proxy for more, well behaved currencies. We have zip files of weekly summaries going back to April 2005. The files average about 1MB per month and you are welcome to see as many as you would like. We also offer you the ability to connect to our computer so that you can see real time results.

Does the system only work on the 15-minute charts published in your test results?
No. The system will work on any time frame and any pair—the vast majority of which require no change in settings, from 5 minute charts up to weekly charts. It takes me about 5 hours a week to test the GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDCHF, and EURJPY pairs on a 15-minute chart. I do monitor, and even trade, other time frames and pairs. We just don’t have the time to publish results every week. The results of these 4, 15 minute accurately depict the capabilities of other currencies and time frames. If you have a specific request let us know and we’ll send you screen shots.

How much does the system cost?
The system is available for $1095 USD. For more information on what this price includes, please see the Purchase page. This price hasn’t changed in 3 years.

Why don’t you have a testimonials page?
We love testimonials but it has become increasingly evident that some of the comments we read on websites simply aren’t true or are obtained through enhanced interrogation techniques. While not perfect, we think a better system of reviews can be found on so-called independent review sites. We have been reviewed here and to a lesser extent on other sites.

I live in a terrible time zone. Can I still trade the system?
Yes, of course you can. By watching several currency pairs on several time frames, you will be exposed to ample trading opportunities. Ironically, everyone thinks they live in a lousy time zone.

Do I need to wake up for the London open?
It’s no secret that the European hours are the most active. A full 30% of all Forex transactions occur during those hours. The US market is second with around 19%. For 4 hours a day, the two markets overlap. It is clearly a good idea to trade the most active hours, but it is not absolutely necessary. It’s like fishing; you tend to go to the pond with the most fish. You will have the option to set up your platform to alert you audibly, visually, and email/text message at critical market points. The other way to avoid trading at strange times of day is to take a longer term approach such as that offered by the 240 minute charts and signals.

Can you teach me to trade?
The only person who can teach you to trade is you. We offer you indicators, a system to trade those indicators, a large user manual covering every aspect of trading, and on-going support. But, the ultimate decision to trade well lies within. We know a number of traders who have attended seminars and worked with well-known mentors, at costs ranging from $1200-$3000. They all report that they had fun and made some friends, but that the afterglow of confidence wore off by Sunday when they sat down by themselves to look at charts. Trading is, by nature, an often solitary endeavor. However, I personally believe that with a system, a plan that outlines how to trade that system, and the discipline to follow the plan, virtually anyone can become a successful trader (please see the Risk Disclosure page for complete information on risk). We will provide as much support as I can to help you understand how to trade the system, the rest is really up to you. You will give up on trading long before we give up on you!

I have a real job, can I still trade?
Yes, but you can't spend "just 10 minutes a day" and then quit your job next month. If you work full time, we simply suggest that you trade longer term charts. You will get fewer signals, spend less time monitoring your position, and still get your piece of the pie.

Do I have to sit at the computer all day waiting for a signal?
No you don't. Within a week or two, you will know the code well enough that you will be able to anticipate pending signals up to an hour or more in advance. Additionally, all supported platforms can generate signals visually, audibly, or by email/text message.

How long does your support last?
There’s no designated time limit on support. When you purchase the system, we will have a lot of upfront personal contact via email, website based chat, IM, phone, or any other modern communication method that you can think of. In my experience, getting set up and becoming familiar with trading the system can take anywhere from a week to a month, depending on your previous trading experience and familiarity with your chosen platform. After that, many traders find that the embedded chat room and forum are the best places to get support and share ideas with other traders. Of course, we remain available to answer questions and work with you individually, but most traders naturally migrate to the larger community as there are a number of viewpoints and some good discussion on trading.

How many pips can I make each week?
We have no idea. A large part of that is determined by you. Every week, the market and the system will offer you opportunity. How much you grab is a function of your availability, tenacity, and experience. Please see the Risk Disclosure page for complete information on risk.

Why isn’t your system automated?
Our goal is to teach you to trade the market with a very good system and unparalleled support. Automation accomplishes none of those objectives. Successfully automated traders actually work harder and spend more time testing and developing than discretionary traders. It’s a science to maintain automation and frankly, until you can trade well you aren’t in a position to consider automation. Automation requires frequent sophisticated testing and software updates to stay current or the system can fail. Most traders aren’t capable of performing that kind of testing and we don’t enjoy the idea that we would be responsible for your equity. No offense, but if we were to pursue automation it would be much easier for us to take your money and trade it for you.

Do you have a trial offer?
We do not offer a free trial on the system. We believe that is very reasonably priced and we will go to any length to make you feel comfortable before you purchase the system. This includes everything up to and including sharing my screens and discussing current market trades. Everything that we send you is electronic. You cannot return an email and you cannot unknow what we’ve taught you. The majority of our time with you will be spent during the first month. That being said, we do have a conscience and if you can’t stand us and/or the code we can discuss this further.

Can your system fail?
Yes, all systems can fail. And, if anyone tells you that their system can't fail, run away! Markets can and do change and if a system is not capable of changing with the market it can be left behind. We have made very good progress in making the 3 systems adaptive so that they can respond to changing markets without user input. Since we are trading the exact same system that we offer we have a vested interest in making sure it performs as well as possible now and into the future. If we find parameter sets which are more profitable than current ones, we will communicate those to you in a timely manner.
The best systems don't lose money when they fail, they simply reduce the number of signals or they break even a lot and wait for the day when the market comes back into synch with their objectives. With the MACD Dot system, my experience has been that there are rarely gross failures. For it to fail completely, MACD would have to stop moving. However, we have found occasions where one time frame seemed to perform better than others. The advantage of having 3 systems is that one or more systems will always be in a market environment where they perform optimally.

Do you trade full time?
Yes, we trade for a living. We’re in a trade as we write this! We have traded the same 3 systems since 2004 and have backtested it 2 years prior to that. We firmly believe that trading profitably should be measured in dog years where 1 year of trading is 7 years of your life.

OK, the previous question was a trap. If you trade full time why do you sell code?
Outsmarted on my own FAQs. We should have seen that coming. This is a great question and frankly, it’s the first question we ask when we see experts selling trading advice/signals/mentorship/coaching. I have thought about this a lot. The first answer is that we don’t have to sell code at all. We spent a lot of time developing the code while not working or trading. It is rewarding to know that a few people have found my work to be of value. Even more rewarding is for me to see someone trade the system, turn around their account, and trade with confidence. We keep in touch with practically everyone who uses the system and we truly enjoy seeing their positive results. Trading is a lonely, boring business. We relish the contacts we’ve made and the friendships that have developed by offering my systems to others.

What other systems do you have?
We don’t have any other systems or secret signals. We have found that the more we focus on trading one system, the more profitable we become. The charts that we send you to get started are the actual charts we use for our personal trading.

How many people are using this system?
We sell a very limited amount of code. Usually 1-5 copies per month. When someone trusts me enough to purchase code we take that commitment very seriously. We will work to help you understand and trade the system successfully. That support takes time and commitment from all of us.

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