Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. All information captured on this web site is for internal use by Currensys only. We do not sell mailing lists, email lists, or give out any of your personal information in any way. Financial information shared during the purchase is entered directly into a secure and encrypted PayPal webpage and is no longer accessible by me or anyone else after submission.

Our email list contains our email addresses as well as that of family members and close friends, so we treat this information carefully. We typically will only send out one email per week. This email goes to anyone who has shown interest in the system. If at any time you wish to discontinue receiving this email please contact support and we will remove your email from the list. If you decide to publicly post personal information in the forum I can’t be responsible for what happens to that information, so post wisely.

We eat cookies, but we don’t use them to collect information about you. This site does not maliciously place cookies on your computer. If permitted, there are 2 occasions where you might accept a cookie as a matter of convenience: 1) Forum login and 2) Chat login. You can control the placement of cookies in your browser settings.

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