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Tarik, London, United Kingdom
Date of Post: 2012-01-24
Review: Ok first of all i must stress that i have never ever given a review for anything before..EVER. The system does have a mathematical edge, so in essense you can pick any single currency pair and mechanically trade it alone and you will be in profit. However, to fully maximise your potential you must formulate a plan and approach which corresponds to your nature of trading. You must take the initiative to find this out, to find out what works for you, only you can do this. This system will not make you profitable, only you can do that, your psychology must correlate with the nature of the market and the nature of the system. John is a seasoned trader and has fought through the same mental battles that we are going through and has always been a great help when im going a bit crazy. If you think that you are going to buy this system then POOF! your a consistent successful trader then you will have a rude awakening, trading is not easy and you must find out the correct combination of thinking and actions to take. If you take the time to build up a constructive relationship with John you will find him to be extremely helpful and useful in all this, if you expect him to be your babysitter and work out everything for you then your not going to get anywhere. At first i didnt think John cared about my progress and development because he didnt chase me up like a girl in high school, but after our in depth conversations and the time John has commited to helping me with my psychological issues (and beleive me freud would have a hard time) i know that he gets pissed off when i do something wrong and urges me in the right path. You gotta make use of him, he doesnt know your having issues if you dont contact him. So in summary the system works very well and i knew that before i bought it, i like the freedom in application it offers. Building yourself up so you work with it is the real task and John will assist you with that. If you have the commitment, desire and passion to succeed in this then you will find a way

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