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Arthur, Cyprus
Date of Post: 2011-06-15
Review: I have purchased a fair few systems in my time and had not managed to find my feet with most of them for various reasons mostly of my own making and some because of what was 'marketed' wasn't delivered.

I still believed in the dream of being successful trading forex and so I decided that I would give it one last go with Currensys. I had made a commitment that If I could not make it work this time, I would give up the idea of trading forex for keeps and not waste a further cent.

What convinced me to go with Currensys was the reviews on this website, the free videos that John provides on the Currensys website and the explanation of the system components which made complete sense and this all before actually buying the product.

Having bought the Currensys system, I was up and running in short order with the software and the comprehensive, and to the point manual, quickly got the trading rules sorted so I knew what I had to do and how to do it.

The system itself is superb and provides amazing and regular signals on all time frames and the training provided in the manual takes this to the next level so you have the complete package. The simplicity of the system is what makes it great. No fretting with multiple indicators...you see the dots, you trade the dots.

The area where I have benefited the most though with this system is the area which sets this system above most and that is the almost real-time support that John provides. He has helped me identify where I have gone wrong and how to improve my trading and has always been available and willing to help. This has made the biggest difference and improvement to my trading.

If you looking for a forex system I would wholeheartedly say look no further, invest in Currensys, follow the straightforward rules and bank the pips. You will receive everything you need to be successful and much more.

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