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Eric Laughton, New York of course
Date of Post: 2011-02-27
Review: I am your classic NOOB with a desire to learn how to trade currency. I've read many books on the topic, but to be sure it is a hard and long hill to climb. CurrencySYS has worked for me. That said, the system in and of itself has a success rate over 60% but that is only partially why I like it. I need "communication" from real people. John, who took over from the inventor of the system Phil, is a good people person. And he is a good mentor. He answers all questions. He is tough, and I like that. He literally hates when someone loses money they should not have lost. He does not shy away from telling you why. I prefer the straight talk. But he also trains you to not make the same mistake twice. I like that too. I had a trade last week he walked me through (the entire thing). I learned more in that hour time frame than any book I read. It was piratical application. I made a fundamental mistake - still, I made money. However, I'd made more if I had listen closer. So, overall, the combination of the system (extremely important), as well as the actually hands-on help (even more important) sells this program.

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