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Henry, Canada
Date of Post: 2010-11-30
Review: Bought this system, used it, did well with it,like an idiot stopped using it and started using EAs,naturally they were terrible,then started following signal services,more money out the window.

Then a couple of months ago I got an email from this guy called John inviting me to attend a Currensys Webinar for free.

Attended it,asked a million questions,John answered them all, even gave me his cell so I can ask him more questions.note that I already owned the system so he had nothing gain.

The explanations are clear and to the point,the guy really cares that you do well,the system performs incredibly well, beyond believe,incredibly well.

You owe it to yourself to attend the webinar and see for yourself.

John and Phil should definitely be in the Forex Hall of Fame,thank you guys for all your help and making me in 2 months a full time forex trader, making a decent living and enjoying life

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