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Matt, United Kingdom
Date of Post: 2012-07-19

I have been learning about trading any trading related systems for approximately 3 years now. I have gone through multiple platforms and spent lots of time and money trying to develop my own trading systems My main problem with this in the past is the secretive attitude of the trading community I have experienced thus far.

After going round and round in circles for years I hit rock bottom and decided I could not continue down this road any longer without direction or help.

All I wanted was a useable system that I could learn thoroughly and trade day in day out, after searching the internet for references I found currensys.

I spoke with John before purchasing the system and liked his no nonsense approach. Unlike the answers I had been getting from other traders over the years he assured me that he would pull no punches teach me what was required and would not feed me any useless BS. He answered all my questions and I purchased the system.

My first conversation with John after purchasing the system I asked him exactly where I stood with regard to support as I didn't want to be 'that guy' calling him all hours of the day asking trading related questions which he considered irrelevant. He again put me at ease with the assurance this wouldn't happen and he would help me with all aspects of trading - not just the currensys system but psychology, money management and system setup. He also said (jokingly) that if I did become 'that guy' he would tell me, again a refreshing change – honesty!

I am currently learning the system in depth and have had numerous contacts with John over email and skype. All of my questions have been answered thoroughly and in a timely manner. The promise of continued unlimited support is certainly real and I am confident of my success.

I am hoping to finally trade full time soon, with John's help and my continued efforts I have no doubt this will happen.

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