A Testimonial We Like!
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Garry McLain, Tucson AZ, USA
Date of Post: 2012-05-01

I use Currensys to trade the indexes, which is not it's intended use. My trading is usually by consensus and by that I mean if the ES, NQ and TF are all telling me about the same thing that is usually the direction that I follow. Today for example, I received Currensys signals that let me know that by 12-12:15 EST the rally was over, all three markets had their move and all three signaled a possible reversal. My long profits where taken and a short position was entered, both trades today were profitable. I typically use the Currensys signals to give me major market turning points. I have not traded Forex with the system so I can only speak from my experiences but it is worth every penny on the indexes. I have needed support twice and both times John was back to me within minutes offering to help. This system is without a doubt some of the best money spent.

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