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John B, Brighton, United Kingdom
Date of Post: 2012-02-09

Ok guys, this is genuinely the first system / software review I have ever written, but credit where credit is due, it is the least I can do. I have been interested in the financial markets for many years, finally taking the plunge as a trader just over a year or so ago. When it came to finding a good trading system, I was close to tearing out what little hair I had left. All are advertised with gusto and great promise, yet many (if not most), fail to deliver on an epic scale. NOT SO WITH CURRENSYS!!

I came across this system by researching the reviews on this very site and others and was so impressed with the unusually heart felt comments regarding not only the system, but more importantly, the people behind the product, that I decided to look into it further. It is no exaggeration to say it is the best decision I have made in trading. John Correnti is passionate about the Currensys system, but even more passionate about the success of the traders who trade it and cares about your progress on the road to this success. Like anything in life worth its salt, YOU have to put in the hours to understand how to use it. YOU have to read the manual (several times is advisable) and inwardly digest it.

You can give the finest surgical instruments to a caveman, but it will not turn him into a neuro-surgeon! Do your homework, be dedicated and be patient and success WILL follow. There WILL come a day when you will thank John and Phil with your heart and your soul. Visit the site, visit the room, watch and ask questions. John is often busy taking Skype calls, answering emails and generally assisting folks. He is totally absorbed by and dedicated to Currensys, so cut him some slack, he WILL get back to you. He and Phil are genuine and care about your trading success.

Ask yourself this....how many system providers offer you no obligation, free access to their trading room to see their product in action?.....Only those who have total faith in their product and have nothing to hide!

If you have the balls to start on the road to becoming a successful trader, you may as well give yourself a fighting chance and check out this system. Talk to John, sound him out, take a look at the CurrensysFX YouTube channel, then take the plunge. You will not be sorry!

BTW, blaming everyone but yourself for YOUR failures as some have done here, is 'standard losers' mentality! no system, however good, will ever work for you. Until YOU understand this. YOU are the "Holy Grail" Spend some time on trader psychology studies and you will go far. Currensys will help you reach your goal!!!

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